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What's POPPIN?

South African's really do know how to bloom - literally in the this case as we take over the international stage with the WORLDS FIRST evergreen,cold hardy , purple  re-blooming Agapanthus.  Bred locally by Andy De Wet and Quinton Bean of De Wet Plant Breeders, the Poppin' Purple® var ‘MP003’ Agapanthus recently won BEST NEW PERENNIAL at the world's leading trade fair for horticulture, IPM ESSEN 2020!

What's an Agapanthus?

Agapanthus is a popular South African plant and undoubtedly one of our indigenous botanical gems, with it's clusters of blue or  white... and NOW POPPIN PURPLE flowers. Agapanthus fill so many gardens and are so much part of our South African landscape that we take for granted just how spectacular they really are.

The flowers on the new Poppin Purple Agapanthus. #poppinpurple #agapanthus. IMAGE: @PlantippPeter

South Africa Blossoms.

The beauty of our country's unique and striking flora teamed with the creativity, passion and scientific attention to detail of Andy and Quinton, who are widely regarded as the best ornamental plant breeders in South Africa, ensured that South Africa blossomed on the global stage, beating a total of 60 submissions for this international accolade.

Our local legends , Andy and Quinton from CND Nursery, The Aloe Farm and De Wet Plant Breeders are are well-known for their plants including other award-winning Agapanthus such as Fireworks and Twister.  Fireworks has recently been awarded a place in four major international competitions, including 3rd place for New Plant of the Year at the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show and Best in Show at the HTA National Plant Show U.K. 2019.

Quinton (left) & Andy (right) with thier POPPIN' PURPLE Agapanthus

A Royal additon to our Planet.

Purple flowers represent dignity, pride and success, and that's exactly what the Poppin Purple Agapanthus has brought to our country.

The flowers of Poppin' Purple are a striking shade of purple and plentiful in quantity, making this a stunning yet sustainable feature in any garden, terrace or balcony.  Poppin' Purple grows faster than other varieties and grows about 60 cm high and 45 cm wide.  Filling a garden with intense shades, it re-blooms throughout the year and is water-wise and durable.

“Flowers don’t tell, they show.”

Poppin Purple in full bloom

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