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It's ok to Pause

Why Embracing the 2024 Colour of the Year Will Change Your Life!"

This year it’s all about Peach Fuzz—the 2024 Colour of the Year! A hue that's as deliciously delicate as the name suggests, nestled right between a playful pink and an optimistic orange. This colour isn’t just a feast for the eyes, it’s a manifesto for the soul!

Now, Peach Fuzz isn’t just any old shade; it’s a charismatic charmer that whispers sweet nothings of kindness, compassion, and connection. It’s like a big, fuzzy embrace for our frazzled nerves. It’s the colour of cosiness, of snuggling down into the softest blanket while the world whirls on outside. It's telling us to hit the brakes, brew some tea, and just be. And I, for one, am all ears!

Let's face it, the Cult of Busy has had its moment. Oh, we’ve all been there: bragging about packed schedules like they were badges of honour! But guess what? Sprinting through life is so passé. These days, the real winners are the ones who press pause. Who knew productivity's secret ingredient was a dollop of dolce far niente (that's the sweet art of doing nothing, for those who don’t parla Italiano!).

But here's the twist. When we whisper "pause," we don't mean turn into a human-shaped potato (although that’s perfectly fine too). We're talking about taking a delicious detour from the oh-so-predictable highway of life. Mondays? They’ll still be there, but imagine greeting them with a sun-kissed smirk instead of the usual groan.

Close your eyes an imagine this: you, a glass of vino in hand, sitting before an easel without a care in the world. The ‘wine and easel’ class is the new happy hour, where giggles are free-flowing, and creativity splashes across the canvas like your carefree pre-adulthood days. And who cares what time the power's going to cut off? Not you, oh artiste of the moment!

Or, how about picking up a new craft? Knitting, pottery, macramé—whatever floats your creative boat. It's like yoga for the mind, bending and stretching it into happy, nimble shapes. Want to raise the fun factor? Drag the kiddos along for a class and dive into adventures in mess-making together! Bonding over blobs of clay? Priceless.

So, when I say "pause," I'm not advocating for a full stop. Instead, I’m proposing a delightful intermission. Filling your time with joy-sparking activities resets the old noggin, so when life’s 'play' button inevitably resumes, you’re back with a zesty spring in your step and a clear, peachy perspective.

Let the spirit of Peach Fuzz lead the way—towards a year of gentle rhythms, of cherishing each moment, and most importantly, towards a more splendidly serene you.

Stay peachy, and don't forget to hit 'pause',

Peachily Yours, Je'mae

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